Workshop: Being in Place


upcoming location(s):
online, as part of the 'FLOW, embody • in site' symposium, April 22nd - May 9th, 2021, organized by Out of Site Chicago, Illinois, USA.

I trust that I am not alone in feeling as if I am coming out of hibernation into a new world.   This workshop is about making a gentle re-entry to creating public actions.  We will consider our immediate neighborhoods as a place to re-embody our art making in ways that are responsive to and integrated with the natural world and our community around us.  I am interested in acts of reciprocity, working in concert with the environments that sustain us.  We will experiment with gift exchanges, eliciting laughter, crafting secret actions, and designing works with delayed manifestations.

I will propose a series of prompts that allow us to practice different modes of being in public and responding to our immediate environments.  We will meet four times to talk about what we learned in doing the exercises, what further ideas have been triggered, and how that work might be expanded.

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